Telangana Chapter of Indian National Overseas Congress Inaugurated in New Jersey

Telangana Chapter of Indian National Overseas Congress Inaugurated in New Jersey

The Indian National Overseas Congress celebrated the telangana formation day by starting the Telangana Chapter of the Indian National Overseas Congress(I) at New Jersey. The Chapter Inauguration was attended by the Telangana Pradesh Congress President Uttam Reddy (MLA, Former Minister), Madhu Goud Yashki (Congress Spokesperson, former Member of Parliament), Smt.D.K. Aruna (MLA and former Minister), Shudh Jasuja (Chairman – Indian National Overseas Congress (I) and Rajender Dichpally (National General Secretary – Indian National Overseas Congress (I) and host of other dignitaries.

The chapter is being headed by Dr. Rajender Reddy Jinna (Former American Telugu Association) President. The New Jersey Chapter is headed by Bhagwan Pingle.

Uttam Reddy, Madhu Goud and Smt.Aruna lighted the lamp to inaugurate the event. Rajender Dichpally who was the MC spoke on how the fate of the Congress Party is linked to India as they share the same DNA and thought process. Shudh Parkash Jasuja spoke on the contribution of various chapters to INOC (I) and said that Dr. Rajender Jinna as Telangana chapter President will add to the value of the organization as he brings good experience, integrity and exposure to various organizations. He also recalled the inaugural of Overseas Congress by Smt.Sonia Gandhi in 2001.

Dr. Rajender Jinna spoke on the importance of Telangana chapter being inaugurated on the auspicious day of the formation of Telangana and hoped that the development of the state that took a backturn will be back with the Congress victory with the help of Overseas Congress in the next elections. He then presented his team to the gathering. Bhagwan Pingle spoke of the great sacrifices of the Congress Party leaders and hoped that the present leaders like Uttam Reddy, Madhu Goud and DK Aruna will lead the party to victory again.

Smt. D.K.Aruna spoke on the role of various Organizations in USA in helping Telangana become the 29th state and said she will work hard to ensure that the Congress Party returns to power in the state again. Madhu Goud spoke on the struggle that he and other leaders went through to get Telangana and said that the formation of Telangana was only possible due to the support of Congress President Smt.Sonia Gandhi.

Uttam Reddy spoke on the developments leading to the formation of the Telangana state and said that the hard work that the leaders had put in is not being reflected in the progress of the state under the present government. He said that in the past the all-round development of the state was only possible due to the good administration of the Congress Party and assured the people that he and his team will bring the Congress Party back into power in the next elections not only in Telangana but also in the Country. He also thanked Smt.Sonia Gandhi for granting Telangana and fulfilling the desire and wish of over 4 crore people in the state.

The meeting ended with an informal discussion with the leaders from India.