Silence of PM Modi on #MeToo Movement is Deafening- Statement Issued by Ms. Ragini Nayak, National Media Panelist, AICC

PRESS RELEASE 17thOctober 2018

Statement Issued by Ms RaginiNayak, National Media Panelist, AICC 

#TimesUp Modi ji !

Silence of PM Modi on #MeToo Movement is Deafening! 

Shri M J Akbar’s belated resignation is a result of the persistent pressure put by women who have shared their horrific and uncomfortable stories. It is also a vindication of the Congress party’s unequivocal stand on the #MeToo campaign. Now that Shri M J Akbar, who has been accused by 36 women of misconduct and harassment against him, has finally resigned, will the PM, Shri Narendra Modi dare to speak up? 

It is time for a fair trial, so that justice prevails. This country has a rule of law and any allegation levelled against anybody must pass the test of justice. We hope and wish that all the women fighting this tough battle would be heard and justice imparted.

We in the Congress party, salute the women who stood their ground despite the brazen stance of the Modi GovernmentIt was the Congress party which first asked for Shri M J Akbar’s resignation on October 10th. It is a women’s movement for the women and by the women. 

PM Modi who does not spare an opportunity to share his ‘Mann Ki Baat’, particularly on issues of ‘Beti Bachao’, has not spoken even a word till date.

The radio silence of the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has deceived those crores of women voters who had placed their faith in the BJP in 2014. People ofIndia are feeling woefully let down by his inactions, muteness and indecisions on such issues, be it action against BJP MLA Senger in Unnao (UP), be it the Kathua rape case or be it the bone chilling exploitation of girls/women in BJP ruled Muzaffarpur (Bihar), Deoria (UP) and Bhopal (MP) or be it the Naliya sex racket in Gujarat or be it the unprecedented attack by sexual predators on women and girls across India. 

The brazen and arrogant use of power by deploying a battery of 97 lawyers against one brave woman and allowing the accused to continue in his role has dismayed the people of India, particularly 50% of its population.

We stand by all those who have been wronged and will continue to seek accountability from all those who wield their power against wrong doings.As Congress President, Shri Rahul Gandhi has said “It’s about time everyone learns to treat women with respect and dignity. I’m glad the space for those who don’t, is closing. The truth needs to be told loud and clear in order to bring about change”

It now stands proved – “भाजपा से बेटी बचाओ