Rajender Dichpally Defends Sam Pitroda for Political Hate & Media Attacks

Rajender Dichpally, The National General Secretary of INOC USA, spoke to NRInews24x7 about the hate that the ruling party in Inda have shown for the Chairperson of INOC  Sam Pitroda.

“We have never seen such personal attacks by any PM in the past. It is sad to see that the office of Prime Minister is being undermined by such undignified campaign and behavior by the present incumbent. Most of his campaign is based on hate and personal attack against the Congress President’s family. I wish and hope to see a more positive campaign that addresses issues and concerns of the common man and the poorest of poor people.”

Talking about how media has interpreted Sam’s recent statement, he added, “We need to stand behind our Chairman, the media has misinterpreted his statement. I am surprised that the Party is choosing to distance itself when it should side with him. We know that Sam sir is a great patriot. NO questions about that. But why are we not fighting as one team? I would like to see some of our Sikh leaders come out and give a statement on this issue saying they Sam sir statement was twisted. All of us agree that 1984 was a blot on the country and the Congress President has already apologized for this. We have denied tickets and leadership roles to the persons accused in these riots. We should also remember the administration was in a shock at that time due to the demise of PM and home minister being away from Delhi. By the time administration was able to get its act together, the damage had been done. It is a sad part of our history. Congress has taken several steps to win back the support of the community. We had a great economist as PM (Selected by Congress President) for 10 years. In IOC too, we have had Dr.Malhotra as President for almost a decade. Now we have another stalwart Mohinderji as President. As Sam sir said, we need to focus on present issues concerning the people and move forward. That is what is needed for the country. Let us stand behind Sam sir strongly and support him and move forward.”
Rajender is a man of acti0on and a strong visionary who wants to put his nation on a path; for an evolved India that will shape strategic and political drives in the region with global leadership roles. He is considering participation in Indian politics if an opportunity comes.