Modi’s remark on late Rajiv Ji is condemned: IOC

“Prime Minister Modi’s remark on the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi crossed all the boundaries of decency and has brought the dignity of the office to a new low,” said George Abraham, Vice-Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA. “ Rajiv Ji has transformed India with his vision in the field of science and technology, and if India is an IT superpower today, it is primarily because of him! With the help of Sam Pitroda, an innovator and entrepreneur from the U.S., he paved the way to rebuild the telecommunications infrastructure that made it possible for all the advances in Information technology the country is experiencing today including the creation of several multi-national corporations on India’s soil. When Modi goes to foreign countries and pumps his chest and boasts about India’s IT prowess, he seems to forget the man who made that revolution possible. By attacking his memory during this election campaign, Modi has stooped so low and defamed the highest office in the land” Mr. Abraham added.

Besides, the allegations of corruption in the Bofors case against Rajiv Gandhi was thrown out by the High Court as ‘completely baseless.’ Since when a person found innocent and his late memory could be tried again in the court of public opinion for political expediency?

Modi has been the Prime Minister in the last five years. Instead of debating on issues that matter to fellow Indians, he is indulging in personal attacks and even targeting the memory of leaders like Rajiv Ji, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for the nation. It is time Mr. Prime Minister, you debate on issues such as demonetization, Rafale, GST, Adani projects, fudged GDP numbers and of course undermining of the democratic institutions.

Any of these diversions in tactics will have little or no impact on the voters as they are voting for a change for the sake of their pocketbooks as well as their freedom to live in a pluralistic society in peace and harmony.