Our Institutions should be kept intact: Sachin Pilot, Dy. Chief Minister, Rajasthan

“India is going through challenging times and what is more important to the nation is to keep our Institutions intact,”  said Sachin Pilot, the Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan addressing a gathering of Overseas Congress leaders in Boston. He was in the U.S. to attend the India Conference at Harvard University. “India is at a turning point in history and what is happening to  RBI, CBI, Bureaucracy, Judiciary and enforcement directorate and every other institution we hold dear are that they are being systematically dismantled by the Modi Government and it should not be tolerated any longer. There is tremendous fear in India that there are investigations and snooping going on and the issues like Mandir, Masjid and Love jihad, what one wears, what one eats are all brought up to divide the people and polarize the community. Look at what is happening in Calcutta, the CBI is investigating CBI, and the Enforcement Directorate is investigating the Enforcement Directorate creating doubts and uncertainty among those working for the country. This level of arrogance cannot be allowed to continue. Congress is fighting not to take back power but to preserve the values and principles we hold dear” Mr. Pilot continued. He urged the members of the Indian Overseas Congress to get involved and make a difference in the upcoming election.

Mr. Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General of IOC welcomed the Chief Guest. Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, the President, detailed the election efforts carried out by its members in the past and offered to continue the same level of support for the upcoming elections. George Abraham, Vice-Chairman, John Joseph, Vice-President, Amir Rashid General-Secretary, Jose George, Treasurer, Pallav Shah, Kulvir Singh, Amit Dixit also spoke. Rajinder Dichpally, General Secretary expressed the vote of Thanks.