Indian Overseas Congress, USA condemns the reenactment of Gandhiji’s assassination by Hindu Mahasabha

“Reenactment of Gandhiji’s assassination by Hindu Mahasabha leadership led by Pooja Shakun Pandey, National Secretary, is not only revolting and unpardonable but also hurts the genuine sentiment of peace-loving people everywhere,” said George Abraham, Vice-Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA.  “Where is the outrage from all those who talk about anti-nationalism?” Mr. Abraham asked.

Gandhiji who paid the ultimate sacrifice with his life for promoting peace and harmony in the sub-continent at the time of Independence is revered the world over and remain an icon for his non-violence philosophy.

It is equally disturbing that the group that was reenacting the Gandhiji assassination by shooting into an effigy of Mahatma Gandhi was also chanting praises for Nathuram Godse, the original gunman, who pulled the trigger in 1948.

“It is none other than degenerates with depraved mindsets who could participate in such a despicable act and it ought to be called out for condemnation from the civilized world. We are also waiting and watching to see how authorities who are so eager to bring Sedition charges against students who chant slogans would react to these vile actions by the extremists” the statement said.