Indian Overseas Congress, USA applauds Congress victory in state elections

‘People of India have spoken once again through the ballot box, and the message has been sent loud and clear that they are simply unhappy with the direction of the country under the stewardship of Prime Minister Modi. He has become a man of hollow promises, and unfulfilled pledges to the people of India ’ said George Abraham, Vice-Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA. ‘What happened to the grandiose promises on youth unemployment, farmer’s distress, and rural development? On all those scores, BJP has failed miserably. Ordinary people are interested in improving their lives and their family’s lives and less interested in dividing people based on religion and caste or focusing their energy on temple building’ Abraham added. IOC congratulates Rahul Gandhi for his stellar leadership and round the clock campaigning that has made an enormous difference in these state elections.

Congress Party needs to be cautious as well no to read too much into these results considering the anti-incumbency factors in those 3 States as the party appears to be on the eve of forming the governments, nevertheless, these victories would undoubtedly rejuvenate the Congress loyalists at the grass root level for the upcoming National election in 2019. As Rahul Gandhi spoke in the post-election press conference, it is a victory for the Congress worker who has neither given up on the values and principles of the party nor lost hope on the Nehruvian vision for the country.

In over four years under the Modi rule, the country has gone through a disastrous demonetization process, a messy GST implementation, corruption at the highest levels and crony capitalism in its worst form. The institutions which guarded the democracy and freedom since independence for its citizens are under assault and in steep decline. The recent developments with RBI and CBI speak a volume of government interference that may have undermined the independence of these revered Institutions.

Congress party is also urged to build the grass root support that would be critical in winning the upcoming national election and IOC believes that only Congress party could unite the country and put it back on track for peace, security and inclusive development for all its citizens.