Build, Manage & Maintain, Robust Platform to Encourage, Engage, Mobilize & Empower Overseas Indians to Improve International Relations with/for India.

Sonia Gandhi

President, INC

Rahul Gandhi

Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

Dr.Manmohan Singh

Former Prime Minister of India

Pranab Mukherjee

Former President of India

Board of Directors

Sam Pitroda

Chairman IOC

Arati Krishna

AICC secretary In charge IOC

Virendra Vashisht

AICC secretary In charge IOC

George Abraham

Vice Chairman and Ex - President

Shudh Parkash Singh

Ex - President

Dr. Surinder Malhotra

Ex - President

Mohinder Singh Gilzian


Ravi Chopra

Sr. Vice President (Executive)

Rajendar Dichpally

National General Secretary

Harbachan Singh

Secretary General

Finance Committee

Ravi Chopra

Chairman Finance committee

Sher Madra

Co chair Finance Committee

Puman Singh


Bylaws Committee

Ravi Chopra

Sher Madra

Harbachan Singh

Amir Rasheed

Treasurer Committee

Shalu Suri Chopra


Membership Committee

Ramesh Chandra


Malini Shah

Vice President

Tejinder Singh Gill

Sr. Vice President

John Joseph

Vice President

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