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Indian Overseas Congress is a group of diverse, capable, concerned, committed & courageous Overseas Indians & friends of India coming together in the form of a local cell at various key global cities to understand, educate ,discuss, debate, learn, lead and promote Indian National Congress – State/District ideology, values, vision, background, history, heritage, leadership and Legacy.

Create better world for all through Democracy, Diversity, Inclusion, Secularism, Freedom, Truth, Simplicity, Sacrifice, Love, Nonviolence, Growth, Employment, Technology, Development & Dialogue.

Rahul Gandhi

President, INC

IOC Sandesh

The unseemly remarks about Mahatma Gandhi, who is revered all over the world as a great visionary and an apostle of peace and non violence….

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Connect with India at National & State & District level for Opportunities related to Investments, Development, Tourism, Services, Family & Friends, Retirement, Education, Health, NRI, etc.



Today countries where democracy was born are all much wealthier than India, and skeptics might say that it is too soon for India to talk about social democracy.


“The field of battle lies before you, the flag of India beckons to you, and freedom awaits your coming, Who lives if India dies? Who dies if India lives?”


We talk about a secular state in India. It is perhaps not very easy even to find a good word in Hindi for ‘secular’.

Inclusive Growth

We have achieved political freedom but our revolution is not yet complete and is still in progress, for political freedom without the assurance of the right to live.

Social Justice

“So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.”

Allegiance To Constitution Of India

The Indian National Congress bears true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established.

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