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10 hours ago
#GeneralShahNawaz was both courageous & fiercely dedicated to the progress & freedom of our country. He served as Union Minister for numerous Ministries & wholeheartedly led the Congress Seva Dal.
1 week ago
While one was standing with the farmers in their times of need, the other was shaking hands with someone who murdered a journalist & is responsible for starvation of thousands of people in #yemen
What kind of a leader do you want? #RahulGandhi #ModiMadeDisaster #KisaanMuktiMarch

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The Indian National Congress has always represented a secular, democratic, just and inclusive India, an India that is empowering the disadvantaged and the discriminated. The Indian National Congress has been a mass movement that brought us freedom from colonial rule. And then it evolved into a mass movement committed to bringing other freedoms - economic, social, individual - to our people. We laid the foundations of a modern nation-state. It has been the binding force that has firmly stitched together the concept of a strong and unified India, confident of its place in the works
Indian National Congress
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